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Duotone Capa

Type: Foil Kite
Rider: Advanced Beginners to Advanced Kiters / Foilers
Relaunch: super easy equal to the Flysurfer Soul
Performance: Definetly for Hydrofoil riders, Jumping and better Lowwind Maschine than the Soul
Tipps: Send it in the Air
For Who is it
? perfekt for the typical Bavarian rider who is switching between Foil and TwinTipp, and Soul riders who like at the moment an equal Kite with better Jumping abitlity
Tested Sizes: 15
Website: https://www.duotonesports.com/de/kiteboarding/kites/capa/
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_n-XEseIxs
Shop: https://kitejunkie.com/shop/product/duotone-capa-foilkite-42177?search=capa
For me worlds around better than the old Ace. If you are starting the Kite in low winds it is easy, with no problems it´s filled in about seconds without sheeting in the Bar. The Jumping Performance is very good you sheed in and it goes up in the Air. In the Air you know every time where the kite is so perfekt for Advanced Jumps. Bad part of the Capa, if your landing is not that perfekt and you get a little bit of slack in the lines the stability of this kite is gone (you can see it in some landings in the Video). So if you are attempting to Unhook I would recommend you to take the Flysurfer Soul. The turning speed is quiet fast so perfekt for some loops, transitions, … on the Foil or a normal Board. I tested the relaunching in some little chop and steady 13 knots and I had no problem in any Situation, keep cool and every thin is easy 🙂 In addition maby not exactly my Kite off choice because I unhook some times but if Im only Jumping definetly in my quiver!
Comparsion to the Flysurfer Soul:
Starting and Filling the Kite: Capa
Stability in the Air: Soul
Jumping: Capa
Foiling: Capa
Turning: Capa
Packing the Kite: Soul
Unhooked: Soul
Long Live Ability: would say the Soul but it´s to early to say definetly one Kite
Easy of using the Power: Soul
Kiteloop: Capa
Low wind: Capa
High Winds: Equal depends on the Riderskill
Upwind riding: enough on Both maby minimal differences
All overall there are only nuances in the difference off those 2 Kites so Test both and decide after that to your personal preferences.

For any Questions write down in the Comments bellow! 🙂

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