Add a kitesurfing school to the map

On you can now classify your kitesurfing school for free ????

We want to help you growing your business, in return, we will appreciate that you add at least 2 kitesurfing spots on the map...

1. How it works?

2. Requirements

  • The spots you add should be preferably close to your school, if not possible, it's fine, just add spots you know somewhere else 😉
  • Write a least 50 words in the description to tell everyone what they should know before kitesurfing in this spot (access, risks, conditions, best period, regulation...) check the length of your text here
  • Add at least 2 photos taken on the spot (the community will appreciate beautiful pictures with a good idea of the spot)


3. How long my school will stay on the map?

The listing will stay 365 days.

We will send you an email 15 days before the end. Just answer it and we will extend your listing for another year


4. Some information about translation: is available in English and French, Your listings will appear only in the language you added it, and then duplicated automatically in the other language (it could take up to 48 hours). You will be able to translate your description if you wish.


Add my kitesurfing school

 Thank you for your contribution 🙂

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