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Sardegna / La Caletta

Location: east of Sardegna
Riding Level: from Beginner to Pro
Water: little chop up to some little Waves
Wind direction: most of the time Side on Shore from South East
Sleeping: there are Camping places and Hotels around
Weather: Most of the time good weather and warm Water in Spring and Autumn it can rain some times
Neo: long in the Winter to Boardshorts in the summer
Tipp: you can take a good drink at the Bar El Barrio del Mar
For me: This Spot ist not the most famous on Sardegna there are other ones like Porto Pollo, Valledoria or Porto Botte. So I like it because it´s not so full and you only have to keep some eyes on the swimmers in the water. The water is turquise blue and very nice. Some thermical Winds are a Secret of this Spot around 1-2 o´clock you got minimum +6 knots, so if the sun is shining you can build up at 12 and you are the first on the water… You can stand around 50-100m so for beginners ist ok but not perfekt. For Hydrofoilers the bay is perfekt around 3km long so not to small.


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