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Servus, I´m a Kitesurfer and Traveler from Munich. I like to take You with me and my best friend on my Trip Around the World to share my experiences about Spots, Kites, ...

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The Trip around the World

... my Trip is starting in South Africa. For the Red Bull King of the Air and some nice winds we will travel from CapeTown to Langebaan and Johannesburg.
After nearly two months it´s time for a change and go ahead to the next stop Mauritius. There we try to catch some epic waves and beautiful beaches for relaxing days.
With some epic footage we will arrive at Bali and everything around the Nature to land in Australia. Here we stay the longest time.
With the Dream of every young Surfer Boy Hawaii couldnt be absent from the Trip. The last stops will be the West Coast of America with hopefully some nice Kiteshots under the Golden Gate Bridge.
We also wanna have some Snowboarding / Snowkiting adventures, we stay a Month in Canada to check out some pretty nice Mountains.

Our latest Status update

Days Kitesurfing: 30

... so after some time we had to take a sad decision. We will leave Bali and will stop our World Kite trip right here right now. Our flight back with the #recoveryprogram from the German government was at 31 March so we are sitting now in the train back to Munich. Right now it's for sure the best decision to make a break no one knows what is coming all over the World so better to go home to visit and stay with the family at home save.
But anyway I hate to talk about this topic f**** C***...

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