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Inobo Wavio / Woodio

Construction: Carbon Core and some different underwaterships
Rider: Beginner to Cruizer optimal for Freerider / Freestyle orientated Board
Driven Size: 139×41
Conclusion: For me this board is a good cruizer for ervery one who loves to glide over the water with the best view to the ground of the ocean. On Photos you are have always the best looking Board 🙂
The upwind ability is very good, so every beginner can ride this board. If you are looking to push your Freestyle riding I would recommend you to choose the Freestyle board. This gives you a better feedback on your feet and with the stiffness a much better pop.
Website: https://www.inobo-kiteboarding.com/produit/modular-freeride-kitesurfing-board-inobo-wavio/?lang=en


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