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Hey so we have done our latest preparations done for the Big Trip 😀 With a strange Feeling we left Munich behind us an landed in Cape Town. With a hard fly over night in the Economy Class we arrived at lunch time. After getting our rental Car we quickly arrived at our AirBnB at Bloubegstrand. So we landed without any complications and enjoyed our first day. Yesterday we drove to Cape Town for the first time and got our first impression of the city. I can`t say much yet but our first impression is very positive and we like it here very much. I also managed to get on the water in about 20 knots for the first time. Not so easy! For a beginner anything but easy! All in all but a good golden hour on the Water with setting my new measured Personal record to new 11.9m. For me my 20m are getting closer and closer. With a little time we organized ourselves a bit and made plans for the next days. So with one or the other problem we will start into the next days. More will come Stay tuned 🙂


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