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Duotone Evo SLS

Type: Tube Kite with SLS
Rider: All Riders but primary to Advanced Riders
Relaunch: easiest Relaunch ever on a Tube Kite
Performance: The do it all in One Kite for Loops or School
Tipps: Send it in the Air
For Who is it
? For Everyone who likes to send it. Especially for Loops. This Kite is so Fast.
Tested Sizes: 8 & 12
Shop: Kitejunkie
Website: Evo SLS
I have my kites now round about 3 weeks and I must say it is a dream. My first session was on the foil with the 8m under >10 ktn. That was just insane I had no kite that drifts better (except Neo SLS) or delivers the power exactly when I need it. So stable in the air that almost nothing gets him out of the sky. I was able to test the 12er on the TwinTip afterwards and the hangtime we have here is just phenomenal. The SLS does not come perhaps quite to a foil kite but it is felt worlds to a normal kite. The stiffness in the front tube gives you so much more pressure and the power is used much more efficiently. The Evo SLS sets a new standard, it’s perfect for jumping, riding waves and rocking some freestyle moves. If you just want to freeride, don’t worry, perfect for foiling too!
I am of the opinion that Duotone has succeeded here a great clou and they will have a great success. It is the next step of the kite industry in the direction of light wind. There will certainly be one or the other step in the near future, but this goes definitely in the right direction, because the kites have been significantly improved across the line.
Is it worth 250€ more? In my opinion yes, but everyone must know that for themselves it is definitely my kite for this season!

Comparsion to the old Evo:
Starting and Filling the Kite: SLS
Stability in the Air: SLS
Jumping: SLS
Foiling: SLS
Turning: SLS
Packing the Kite: SLS
Unhooked: SLS
Easy of using the Power: SLS
Kiteloop: SLS
Low wind: SLS
High Winds: Dont know right now but would say SLS

For any Questions write down in the Comments bellow or send me a message on Instagram! 🙂

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  1. Hallo, I have Rebel 8m 2020, Rebel 10m SLS 2022 and I want to sell my 13.5m RRD Passion 2018 for an EVO but I am not sure which size… EVO 12 or EVO 12 SLS or EVO 13 or EVO 13 SLS ? for 9-14 knts (78kg naked+wetsuit all year,135×42 and 140×44 TT Shinn Monk)… thank you

    • Hi George,

      if you are going to take a “normal” Kite than you have for sure need to take the 13. In the SlS Version you can choose on your own but maybe the 13 is a better choice. I Ride personally the 12 SlS and if you like I´m selling it right now so feel free to Contact me if you are interested

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