Maybe the most important Question this year in Kiteboarding:
SLS Yes or No?
I`ll give you an closer look about my opinion. At first SLS stands for Strong Light Superior that means everything is stronger, lighter and superior compare to a “normal” Dacron Kitemodel.
I had the chance to ride the NEO SLS with the new Clickbar and the new Jaime SLS so I can give you a short overview of my own Opinion.
If you get the new Kite out of his bag you instantly notice that the new Material shines compare to dacron. A nother noticable difference are the thiner lines on the Kite itself. But all in all they only used other Materials.
BUT in the air, you notice an insane difference, it is so much more direct and faster. I Love it! With this velocity you generate a lot more power with exactly the same Kite! I can`t tested the low wind performance but I would say it`s for sure better because of the lighter Material and the faster turning speed. A huge improvement on the barfeeling are the lines. In cooperation with roblines they have created a wonderful bar feeling, with which you always know where the kite is in the air!
In the end a short sentence to the Board:
Graphics 10/10 Driving Characteristics -> they made a noticable change compare to the Textreme Models, by a little less stiffness the board reflexes a little and gives you the extra kick thats in my opinion perceptible. For choppy water you get less splashing water and some better cruising abilities.

I would definitely say YES to SLS!
For me on bavarian lakes I have to handle sometimes gusts from 5-20knots and this redefined low wind performance let me choose a smaller kite with the same power. My riding style is on Bigger kites oriented on Oldshool Tricks and on smaller Kites to Send It and Loop it so a Evo should fit perfectly. In addition I already ordered an Evo SLS from my local Dealer and I¬īm hyped if those are on the market and I can test one of this beasts.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about SLS!


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