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Duotone Vegas

Type: Tube Kite
Rider: only recomended for advanced to Pro´s
Relaunch: you need to know what you are doing
Performance: Freestyle, Wakestyle, Kiteloop mashine
Tipps: Loop it! Unhook
For Who is it
? to push your Freestyle Wakestyle limits to the end
Tested Sizes: 12
Conclusion: Are you searching for an Unhook beast? Would you like to learn new Tricks easily? I recommend this kite not to everyone, it´s nothing for beginners and the water start is not that easy in low winds. But for that you get the slack in the lines after your unhooked tricks and a big Megaloop maschine. So if you are thinking about to buy one try it out first it´s not for everyone but if you like it you love it. I had definetly some pretty nice sessions on it (some nice Pictures can you find on Instagram).


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