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Flysurfer Soul

Type: Foil- Kite
Rider: from Beginner to Advanced
Relaunch: probably the best, a comment from a student of mine: “Why can´t this Kite stay on the water for a second?”
Performance: Light wind, Hangtime, Freeride
Tipps: Try it you love it? Choose the right size for your weight!
For Who is it
? for those who want to Switch between Tube and Foil Kite, to be alone on the water and get better and better easily
Tested Sizes: 18, 15, 12, 10, 6
Conclusion: For me this kite is definetly a weapon. Basically it fits every type of riding. You can teach perfektly on this Kite with one off the best Relaunches on the market. You can Jump pretty high, and I think you have the longest Hangtime on this kite. The Landings after an +10 meter jump are every time buttersmooth so you don`t have troubles with your knees. And if you like to Unhook than it´s no problem. Thats clearly true that it´s not a unhook mashine like the Vegas but if you like to Freestyle in 8-12 knots than you can take your 18 oder 21 out and you have a realy good Freestyle session…
So definitely a lightwind, hangtime mashine for everyone from Beginner To Advanced Riders.
But if you like to get the last performace out of your jumping performance and you can take some restrictions to the relaunch ability and user friendliness than you need the brother Sonic 2 or upcoming 3.


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