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Grado Pineta

Location: near to Venice
Riding Level: from Beginner to Pro
Water: flat water to chop to Waves fill 2-3m
Wind direction: Bora or Scirocco consistently
Sleeping: there are Camping places and Hotels around and also a place to stay with your camper
Weather: all from Rainy to Sunny
Neo: Long and Short
For me: This is for me my Homespot where I startet Kitesurfing on the water in the age of 12 in around 25-30 knots. Two different types of wind are very strong there the Scirocco and Bora. A sandbank around 100-500m outside is breaking the waves into a perfekt flatwaterspot and a wave / chop water spot. If you like to Hydrofoil you have to walk some meters. The water depth dipends on the tide you can have beach or 20cm deep water at the shore. On a good day the spot is “full” with around 20 Kites, so you have definetly some space to learn new tricks, …
For Beginners is perfekt because you can nearly stand every where and you cant go out of the lagoon with the sandbank.
So for me I always love it to get back 🙂


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