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Shark Bay Langebaan

Location: one hour north from Cape Town
Riding Level: from Beginner to Pro
Water: Flatwater / little Chop depends on the Tide
Wind direction: South to South East / West
Sleeping: there are many Hotels and Kitesurfing Hostels in Langebaan. With a car you are on every spot in a about 5 min. There is enough place for parking
Weather: not so cold min. temperature about 15 deg.
Neo / Wetsuit: The water is the coldest thing here definitely minimum with a Shorty a long wetsuit even better. Because of the Sun and cold water.
Conclusion: There is all in all a very good Spot you have some toilets and showers. The Beach is with the high tide quite small but enough space to set up your kite even on full Sunday’s, but near the beach the wind can be a little bit gusty. This big lagoon is more for the ‘Kitesurfing- Beginners’ because there is a big shallow area for training so there are some Kite-shools out. There is a big sandbank in the middle of the bay around 200m outside (with the kite about 15min). Sometimes you have mirror flat water after this bank.
All in All very nice colors and good wind 🙂 Like This Spot

Tipp: If in Cape Town are 40-50 knots in Langebaan you have only 30knots


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