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I`m back with some news and and funny new Videos and pictures. After my weeks of quarantine I went back to my company to work for them as a software developer. With a quick start and new C*** regulations I asked some friends what they are doing in the next Windy days, so we decided to pick our 7 things together and go kitesurfing. It was very awesome to get my brain free from all the usual work stuff… After 4 Sessions in Munich I had the Idea to organize an Kitejunkie “Teamevent” with some new Kites friends and some nice BBQ´s and beer´s.
So plan drive with my Camper in to the North -> First stop Hooksiel in Germany. We started with some light wind swimming sessions on the hydrofoil and the new Sonic 3 from Flysurfer Kiteboarding. What an unbelievable Kite I ❤️ it. After this light wind session we had promising 4 days of Wind. Two days with my funny 12m Duotone Evo and after that I switched to the 15m Sonic. So our Team mixed up the Spots around Hooksiel, Neuharlingersil, … Some Boardoffs later and a borken snapped binding I switched location to the Baltic Sea near Kiel. There I meet a good friend and teacher colleague from Kitejunkie. We started with a nice SUP tour on a flat water no wind day (only 2 days out of 14 without wind). 4km up and down so I started with aching muscles in my next Sonic session in 15-20 knots. Back with a lot of new Spots I finally had the chance to test a 10m North Orbit in around 18-28knots in a flat water lagoon. I don´t say that much but I had a lot of fun with nice Kiteloops in underpowerd conditions. Kitereview is in production.
And yes with a perfect finish and a selfmade tiramisu I went home again to plan my next Trip down to Italy.
Thanks to Kitejunkie.com, Duotone and Flysurfer for Nice Kites Boards 🙂
Stay tuned for my next Adventures and Videos.


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