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Flysurfer Sonic

Type: Foil Kite
Rider: advanced to Pros
Relaunch: compare to the Sonic 2 super Easy! Compare to the Soul it could be a little bit harder but only if the Kite is completely inverted
Performance: High Performace Hangtime Maschine for Big Air and Foiling
Tipps: if you like to jump in light winds this thing definitely brings you up in the Sky. Never had such a big hangtime Maschine in my arms. I loved it flying it.
For Who is it
? for all advanced riders who will step up their game.
Tested Sizes: 15
Conclusion: If you are new to Foilkites than it`s not a good kite for you. Otherwise you have a lot of fun! Great power, lift without endings and easy relaunch even in light winds. On this Sonic I have done the smoothest backroll transitions ever. You know exactly every time where the kite is with a very good Bar feedback. Perfekt kite for Foiling with this enormous power delivery a 11 is your biggest Kite.
The Sonic 2 had a problem with his ears but this I would say is nearly completely gone. All in All a very good kite that keeps you pushing and a good choice in your quiver. You realy have to TEST THIS BEAST
Shop: https://kitejunkie.com/shop/product/flysurfer-sonic-3-42861?category=2
Website: https://flysurfer.com/de/project/sonic3/


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