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So we are back in Town and it’s very nice. The Red Bull King of the Air (Kota) started at the 1 Feb. Unfortunately not enough wind on the first day for them but for me I set my new height Rekord on the Woo to 16.6m. After some days in the Museum and some smaller things they startet the competition on the 6.Feb what a day in the Sun. Starting at 10:30 am and finishing at 7pm in the Afternoon. This day was full with action some high jumps and nice Tricks. Completely done from the sun we went quite early in to the bed. On the next Day we had a great time in Hermanus overpowerd on my 12 because the 8m Kite was for a repair at Second Wind. This day was very full so I didn’t enjoy the session as much as I do if it’s empty but cool to see and cruise with some other guys 🙂
After we met some friends from Munich in Cape Town, we decided to join them all the way up to the Table Mountain and Waterfront. Some drinks later in the evening we had that stupid idea that we are going to Lions Head at 5am in the morning. So next day 4.15 ALARM ALARM ALARM. 5am at the parking slot at on tho bottom of the hill 5.40 Top of Lions Head. It was really worth it to hike up in the dark with only some flashlights 🙂 Two ours later we went back down to the car and shit there is traffic on this hill. Everyone from small to tall young to old hiked this way up. So I was very lucky that we started so early because if you like to hike up with other 100 of people it is not so nice.
So after this we have to say goodby to our friends because they traveled around SA and we are on our last days here.
After a good Breakfast I had probably on off the best sessions in my Life. I had the chance to Kitesurf with some Dolphins and they played with me! At first there was only one and after a short time 2 and then a whole Family with more than 10 dolphins. What a Great feeling on the water I will never forget this feeling. But thats it for now see you after the Last days in Cape Town
Video Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeLRUnwE7zg


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