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… our trip to Cape Town and South Africa comes to and end. The last days were full of tasks and appointments. So we startet with our last session in Langebaan. very tricky because the wind was not at the Beach you had to get out 100m and after that it was possible to kite. But anyway a good session 🙂 Next day and a new day off wind. So I went alone out for a last quick session in Big Bay, because we were invited by our first lovely Airbnb Family to a nice Braai. So half an our out in that cold water without my wetsuite. Holy shit that is cold! Back home a short shower, the tiramisu packed and off to our friends. What a nice evening! Completely destroyed I felt in to the Bed. So at the last day there was another Braai with our current Airbnb host. So we killed a half bottle off JĂ€germeister some beer’s and had some nice chickens and crayfishes. So that was Cape Town. We drove to the airport with all the luggage, dropped off our car and then we wanted to check in. But we CAN’T… The Problem was that we only had a Flight to Mauritius and not back home or to Singapore what else… So we decided how long we will stay in Mauritius and booked as fast as possible a flight to Singapore from Mauritius. With that E-Mail in the bag, the check-in was successful and we dropped our luggage. So after that straight in to the Lounge and after 2 ours in the plane and Goodbye Mother City.

My Personal Conclusion:
I loved it over here the people are so friendly the wind was there, very nice Animals and so much that you can do. The food, …. basically the whole package about South Africa is perfect. I’m for sure back in the next couple of years! If you also like to do it than do it in the next couple of years Cape Town is growing and growing and the political situation is not that save so hurry up 😀
One down side of Cape Town you have load shedding and that is in the first days quite funny but after that it becomes horrible and I hate it!

Latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeLRUnwE7zg


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