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Marsa Alam

Time of the review: January
prefered time of travel: september to august
Location: three hours from Hurgada
Riding Level: for everybody
Water: flatwater to chop, depending on the Wind
Wind direction: west to north
Sleeping: Two Hotels
Kitesize: we needed everything from 9m to 18m, most of the time a 12m would have been perfect
Weather: Sunny and warm through out the year
Wetsuite: Fullsuite in the winter, shorty in the summer, no shoes needed if you keep an eye on the ground
Kitestation: Yes, they got pressurized air to pump your Kites, Staff for launching and landing, storage, Kitelessons but you have to pay to kite there in general
The Spot: A about 500mx600m big lagoon, especially on low tide a really small spot, between 2m and 20cm deep water, restricted by two piers and you have to avoid the area for swimmers .
Really safe to learn new Tricks or general kitesurfing, but you have to be careful to not damage your kites on the rigging area, there are a lot of shells and other sharp objects in the sand.
Another thing to mention is the difficulty to distinguish between sand, reef and rocks, keep that in mind to not scratch your board or injure your feet.


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