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Good Morning here from Mauritius. We landed at 5.20am in the morning. The flight was so short that I only managed to visit 2 movies. After not the best flight and all the Corona Virus checks we managed to get our luggage and we met our Airbnb host at the airport who picked us up. Very Nice 🙂 👍
After an our we arrived in our Studio and it was hot and humid over here. In Cape Town are usually 25 deg but there are always wind around you so it’s always nice, here is warmer and the humidity is much higher so you are every minute sweating … After 5 very good days of Kitesurfing in Le Morne we both managed to land some new tricks on the water. During this time i also had my birthday and we celebrated it with one or two beers. In our Hostel we met a nice couple from the north of Germany and they invited us for their summer drink (Grapefruit + Rum). So we had to do the same and we bought a 1.5L bottle of Rum and in addition with good vibes it was a funny second evening. Unfortunately they had to leave at the next day. With some Coconuts and tipps from our friends we visited some touristic hot spots. Flic en Flac, Alexandria Falls, Rochester Falls, Blue Bay, … Unfortunately there was a change of weather here and from the sunny days we changed to mixed days with partly many rain showers. So we picked up all the kite stuff and droved to the north to get some wind and checkout the other side of Mauritius. Up in the north at Cap Malheureux there is a complete other world. A lot more touristic! More Hotels, Bars, Clubs Restaurants, … The spot over there is a nice small spot with gusty winds in a small lagoon. We shared the bay with 6 other Kitesurfers so very calm and easy.
With nice and sunny weather we spend a half day in Port Louis to visit the capital of Mauritius. A “Small” city, at the waterfront quite nice but in the center and above the main streets poor and dirty. So okay but I think you don’t have to spend many time in this city. A cool thing we have seen a cruise ship from Trieste the city in Italy where my grandma lives 🙂
So thats it for today stay tuned
LATEST VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1xEMieuhiw

Greetings Alex & Gianluca


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