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Bloubergbeach / Cape Town

Location: in the Bay of Cape Town
Riding Level: only for Advanced to Pro riders
Water: Waves
Wind direction: South to South East / West
Sleeping: Hotels, Airbnb, Kitebnb and and and there are a lot of sleeping possibilities
Weather: not so cold min. temperature about 15 deg.
Neo / Wetsuit: Long wetsuit (4/3mm) the water is always cold
Best Travel time: from Dezember to February
Conclusion: Maybe the best spot in the world to fly high. The mixture of wind and waves makes Cape Town one of the best big air or surf spots in the world. The waves are performing perfectly as a kicker to send it to the moon. And if you are surfing there are for sure one or two waves to catch.
Most of the time the spot is full with hundreds of kites. Never seen more kites in the air before! Recommend you to travel there not at Red Bull King of the air time then it’s even fuller.
All in All send it to the Moon

Tipp: try all the spots at Bloubergbeach there are some different waves coming in…


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