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Hermanus / South Africa

Location: one hour east from Cape Town
Riding Level: from Beginner to Pro
Water: Flatwater in the lagoon or Waves outside
Wind direction: every direction without north
Sleeping: the famous whale 🐳 watching town with Hotels, Airbnbs, …
Weather: not so cold min. temperature about 15 deg.
Neo / Wetsuit: full wetsuit or shorty in the lagoon
Conclusion: I was there on a full saturday and I didn’t liked this spot because it was so full. If you are there with only 20 guys it’s totally fine but with 100 other guys you don’t have that much fun on the water.
If you are searching for a nice spot to photoshoot you have to go there. The Mountains in the background and the fact that you are riding a half meter to the beach is perfect for that.
If you are a beginner it is worth it too you can stand in the whole lagoon! But try not to crash your kite maybe your lines are full with seaweed.
Tipp: Try to go there if in Cape Town is wind. If not then it’s full in Hermanus.


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