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So after quick 3 weeks on Mauritius we packed our stuff and headed over to Singapore. We booked a direkt flight that turned in to a 1 Stop flight over Kuala Lumpur but no one told us that. So with a nice Grab driver we drove to our hotel in the center of Singapore. At our first evening we grabbed some food at Bugies Food street and after that we gone sleeping. Next day with sun in the sky sunglasses on and Singapore here we come. We walked our way all the way down to the Fullnerton Hotel, the Singapore Flyer and than via Raffles City back to our Hotel pool. This trip tooked us about 3 Hours but it was nice to see already a big part of the city. We decided to take a city tour bus the next day so we got up a little earlier this time and walked down to the bus station. So the half day we spend in the Bus to visit the city. We got off at the botanical orchid garden, chinatown and little India. The garden with all the flowers was so amazing that we said we have to go now otherwise we are in the evening still here 😂After a short walk in little India we both had the same decision to leave the place here. I can’t say why this happened but all in all we didn’t liked it there and we felt a little bit unwell… Chinatown was completely the opposite of it we had there some delicious dumplings, noodles and and and… loved it very cheap and for sure a place to go if you are in Singapore.
After a little bit of culture I would like to go shopping as well so we spend the whole day in Shopping Malls down the Orchard street. It’s so crazy that you can go from one mall to the other a very big maze under the earth. Done we felt in the pool and after that in to the bed. With new energy we bought us the Singapore tourist pass and we took the MRT on the way to the Gardens by the Bay. Holy shit I never thought that the Trees in this gardens are so big. The whole garden is build on new acquired land with one of the the two biggest greenhouses in the World. A fantastic destination to take photos and have some fun in the gardens. Unfortunately we couldn’t do the Skywalk between the Trees at the same day because it started raining a little bit. So in the evening we walked down to the 1 Altitude Bar and in the beginning we thought it was just a small bar in the middle of the banking district and paid for admission 50 bugs but when it went up to the 64th floor we were both relatively happy. So with a nice Sunset and some cocktails, beers and live music we spend our evening up there. For photos it was great but a big thanks to corona the dancefloor was empty and only around 30 people in the rooftop-bar. At our last day we chilled a little bit in the pool visited a last time the shopping mall packed our stuff and we spend our last Singapore Dollars so we had only 6$ left for the Breakfast. In the next morning we got a short breakfast and then with a grab back to the airport. We checked our luggage in without any extra fees 😍and than straight in to the Businessclass Lounge at the Airport to spend our last ours with good food and nice drinks without hectic.
Next Stop Bali -> Arrived at 18:30 and with a little bit of trouble we managed to get our VoA and a driver to our AirBnb
Stay tuned for the next Update from Bali in a few Days â˜ș

Gianluca & Alex


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